tatyana: Age 33 y.o
Looking for man: 30-55 y.o

My man should be a very decent and reliable one,with a good sense of humour,with no bad habits.I would like him to be determined and kind-hearted........

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Interesting Facts:
A marriage contract (or a marriage agreement) exists for a long time. In Europe and America a marriage contract is the norm. According to statistics 70% of couples in the United States and the European Union sign their marriage contracts. But Ukrainian women (and ladies from Odessa in particular) accept a regime of property ownership in marriage as an act of mutual distrust. In Ukrainian mentality future spouses are mostly optimistic about their marriages. They dream about happy and beautiful life with their husbands and the thought about divorce and division of property rarely occur to Odessa’s brides. Law firms which are involved in the preparation of marriage contracts in Odessa say that such cases are rare and they usually happen when one of the spouses is a foreigner.

In 2016, 19158 couples got married in Odessa region. According to this factor the region was on fourth place in Ukraine after Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov. It should be noted that in Odessa there is the lowest percentage of divorces.