tatyana: Age 36 y.o
Looking for man: 35-60 y.o

My future man mustn’t be a prince from a fairy tale, but he must be normal, serious, careful, faithful and responsible, he must be ready for a mutual life with such a tender and romantic woman as I! ......

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Interesting Facts:
Odessa’s women after 20 years old are very popular among single men from the United States. Beautiful, great housekeepers, hard-workers, they become wonderful wives and mothers. But if you check the history it turns out that the history of Odessa’s brides began much earlier and many famous Americans have ‘Odessa blood.’ Here are a few examples.

Sylvester Stallone is a hot Sicilian guy. But this on his father’s side ... On his mother’s side he is the great-grandson of Rosa Leibowich from Odessa. The famous director and producer Steven Spielberg, the winner of four ‘Oscars’ and five ‘Golden Globes’ also has some Odessa’s roots - both of his grandfathers are from Ukraine. One is from Odessa and another one is from Kamyanets -Podilskyi. In the veins of Leonardo DiCaprio Italian, German and Odessa’s blood flows. His grandmother Elena Smirnova took many adventures. After the revolution of 1917 she left Russia to seek her fortune in America. And there her affair with an Italian man gave a birth to Leo’s mother - Irmelin .

Why men prefer to marry women from Odessa? What is the secret of the popularity of local girls on the sites marriage agencies?