tatyana: Age 29 y.o
Looking for man: 29-50 y.o

I want to find interesting and energetic well-educated man with good sense of humor, who will have the same goals in life as mine. A man who will be ready to create a family and who has the same priorities as mine.......

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Interesting Facts:
According to reports of Statistics Department there are up to 1264000 women live in Odessa Region and represent 53.2% of the total population. For every thousand inhabitants of Odessa region there is around 857 men. This trend has continued over the past decades. Usually there are always more boys born. The male population is dominated by up to 30 years old and then it decreases with each passing year. Therefore, at the age of 60 years old and older there are more women in twice than men in Odessa.

But for some reason there are no many women in Odessa are ready to get married. 28-29 years old is the average age of brides in Odessa. Another trend is a growing number of marriages with foreigners and signing marriage agreements or contracts.

The occupation is medicine, education, commerce, communications, public catering. As for wages/salaries there is some discrimination: the average salary of women in Odessa is 10-15 per cent lower than men's.