Nataliya: Age 43 y.o
Looking for man: 37-55 y.o

I look for man with whom I will feel myself woman . Man who will like me keep spark in the relationship. Serious, interesting, with sense of humour, independent......

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Interesting Facts:
It is difficult to say when the first dating agency in Odessa was founded. However, in the archives you can find ancient newspapers where the column ‘dating and marriage’ had already been extremely popular among locals.

Here it is an announcement of Odessa’s lonely lady published in February 7, 1909: ‘A fate presented me a beautiful appearance – I am an elegant brunette with bright expressive eyes, with a sharp mind and a swift tongue and nothing more ...except for the indefatigable thirst of light and space! You cannot imagine how I want to live brilliant, like fireworks, sparkling like champagne, love burning like the sun of the south life , I dream about deep as mysterious bottom of the raging sea love! To achieve it I'm looking for a rich husband, not a fool but a man who understands the beauty of life, knows how to appreciate the charms of the female mind and female smile.’