There are many good and kind girls but for some reason we prefer bad ones. This comic Odessa Men's phrase helps to understand the women in Odessa better. This is a recipe that many Odessa’s ladies mastered for centuries and created a universal type, which is guaranteed to conquer the hearts of men. This recipe is simple: Mix 60 % of ‘sexual cute girl’ with 20% housekeeping skills, 10% of female natural cunning and 10% of the real bitch! Or, in other words, the ability to combine the soft women characteristics with equal partner qualities. The ability to find the balance in the relations is the special gift of women from Odessa.

Men appreciate in them many qualities: such as beautiful appearance, intelligence, good manners, ability to dress stylishly (without spending tons of money!), good health, cleanliness and mobility. At the same time Ukrainian ladies wear a veil of helplessness, they know how to cook well and make a living.

Odessa’s woman is like a dream from a childhood - a tasty candy in a beautiful wrapping!

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