Is it true that Odessa is only interested by its geographical location by the Black Sea or because it was called South Palmyra and considered the third important city after Moscow and St. Petersburg in Tsar’s Russia? In fact, there are many reasons and all of them make this city such a popular and legendary vacation getaway. We can call just several of them.

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The Black Sea. Of course, the Black Sea is on first place in Odessa and thanks to it once a small village became the largest port of Malorossiya (or Little Russia) which is now known as the modern Ukraine. Odessa’s beaches, stretching along the shore beyond the boundaries of the city, attract by their landscaping and developed infrastructure. The weather during the tourist’s season is wonderful.

Architecture. Despite the fact that Odessa is a young city, it is only 200 years old; all the central part with the streets, neighborhoods and buildings is an outstanding architectural idea, impressively demonstrating the concepts of ​​classicism and baroque. As the end of the romantic image of the city you can pay attention to its bridges, which are linking and complementing the landscape of the city.

Culture. Odessa is a major cultural center. The lovers of classical culture will find plenty of theaters, led by the world-famous Opera House, the Philharmonic, museums of various subjects. At the disposal of contemporary art lovers there is a variety of modern cinemas, art galleries, exhibitions. There are lots of international film festivals and literary festivals there.

Arcadia is a club capital of Ukraine. It is a small area near the sea with a myriad of nightclubs, restaurants, concert arenas and discos. Any tourist will be very impressed how wonderful these places are decorated: here you can see everything from Peruvian villages to Spanish Ibiza, from a restaurant in the style of the Wild West to the monumental statues and temples of Luxor. In general, for a club and a rich night life we recommend you to visit...

Brides. Odessa’s girls are smiling; they always look great, they are true friends and caring mothers. At the same time they do not ask a lot due to the difficult living conditions in Ukraine. That’s why the flow of foreign ‘grooms’ with the international dating sites is surprisingly stable and does not depend on the season, the political or economic situation. The residents of Odessa. Not only women, but also diverse population of the city is one big attraction with its inimitable flavor, the crown of which is Odessa’s (not Russian, not Ukrainian) language, so simple and open and at the same time extremely capacious, allegorical, expressive and kind.

In conclusion it is necessary to mention one more pearl of Odessa which is very popular among tourists who prefer gastronomic tours – Odessa’s cuisine, tasteful and ingenuity imbued with the national passion of Odessa’s inhabitants. This is one of the most important attractions of Odessa and, definitely not the last one!