A rush of international dates and a popularity of Ukrainian brides raised quite a lot of problems connected with Slavic women. Slavic means Russian, Ukrainian and Belarussian ones, mentalities of these folks are quite similar. Very often, while characterizing Ukrainian women men use a word ‘mysterious’. Really there are not so many mysteries about girls from Ukraine, and we’ll give you a key to understanding them

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Brides from Ukraine


The first thing you have to understand is that you shouldn’t always understand a woman. We'll reveal you an awful secret - Ukrainian women often don’t know themselves what they want. Because of this they can seem controversial and light-headed. Grin and bear it, and instead of a hysterics ask a girl directly what she would like and what you can do.

What any Ukrainian woman without an exception wants is being sure in the next day. Looking at you she should understand that you will be a trustful husband, a caring father, and you can defend her if it’s needed. If a girl from Ukraine doesn’t want to have a serious relationship with you it means you don’t fit some of her criteria.

You should understand that a woman’s mind is completely different from a man’s. Women have their own logic and understanding what is going on, and with Ukrainian ladies it is very much expressed. What can seem absurd to you can evoke no emotions in them and vice versa. That’s why don’t be angry at your beloved one when she does something wrong, take her as she is with all her advantages and strange features.

Ukrainian women need constant attention. You should every day confess her in love, say that she looks wonderful, tell her how dear she is to you etc. If a woman doesn’t get enough attention you’ll get another scandal. Everything is simple.

Yes, it’s hard to understand a Ukrainian woman, sometimes even impossible. First, you have to love, value her and take her as she is. Don’t try to change anything. Enjoy every second you spend with your beloved one, and everything will be fine with you.